Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts on RULA

Hopefully today is my "Easter" as I struggled (even with Sonny's help) to complete the assignments. MY fault I should have made sure I kept up weekly .I will certainly make sure that I do so next time??? If there is . I found the whole experience interesting , there was the spirit of sharing expertise as well as lack of... Fortunately it was not competetive as we might not have been so "Team Player" oriented helping one and all. Would I do something similar again? Honestly don't know.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Thanks to the Team and my Team Leader for the time and effort put into this exercise.

Social Book Marking

Here is my delicious URL. For me this was a little more complicated, but the end results will save time and I can share with the other staff members.

Library Things

Here are a few titles in my library. Such an easy way to keep track of what I read and hope to read.

Play Week

Play week was interesting . So many 'Toys' !!!!!! Maybe I should invest in wii fit that might make my Dr. Happy.>>>>>>> It was good not only to know what is out there but to have a demonstration of what they can do and be able to use them. My Fav. E book Reader.


I downloaded Itunes. I subscribed to a CBC World News at 6pm podcast. I can listen to whatever I subscribe to at my own convenience and anywhere I am.

Browser Tools

I downloaded Cooliris, I found the images easier to manipulate and allows you to view multiple images at the same time. COOL!!!

Google Docs

I collaborated Michelle's game and sent it on to other friends. It was a fun thing . Google Docs is available easily on line so it saves time and is useful.